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How virtual events work

Carina - March 25 , 2022

Everybody knows what a conference, event, fair, summit looks like in real life.We know the inner workings of them, we …


5 ways you can screw up a conference

Carina - February 21 , 2022

Murphy has his law and it’s been proven time and time again: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. …


How to find the best keywords to market your event

Carina - February 18 , 2022

No event becomes popular overnight. And conference planning is no easy feat.  Not without a superteam of top event planners …


All the Virtual Event types that you should know about

Carina - January 25 , 2022

  The events sector involves a wide range of activities, and keeping track of them all may be difficult. One …


How to boost the popularity of your event

Carina - January 17 , 2022

Being popular means you’re cool and everybody wants to be cool these days. Even events. So common, get on with …


Hybrid events are the future, regardless of your opinion

Carina - January 7 , 2022

Live events, virtual events. Quite the opposite ends of the same spectrum. And in the middle? The wonder that is …


What makes a great event?

Carina - November 5 , 2021

Good, great, better, worse, or the same, it’s hard to qualify what an event or a conference represents for somebody. …


Top questions to ask yourself when choosing an events platform

Carina - October 11 , 2021

Not every online events platform is created equal. But with so many platforms to choose from, with so many features, …


5 ways to make sure that your event is environmentally friendly

Carina - September 24 , 2021

Being environmentally friendly stopped being just a buzzword a long time ago; now it’s the norm and it’s even imposed …


How to reduce the cost of your event

Carina - September 13 , 2021

Creating events is no small thing, but, more often than not, the budget for creating them is actually the small …


How to attract sponsors to your event

Carina - September 6 , 2021

A budget is a budget and most of the time they aren’t that big. That’s where sponsors come in a …


Why you should host hybrid events

Carina - August 25 , 2021

Hybrid events are the perfect child between virtual events (the rising star during the pandemic) and live events (you know …


The (almost) absolute guide to online events

Carina - August 18 , 2021

Tradeshows and events have been the backbone of multiple industries for years on end. But with the coming of Covid, …


A deep dive into VEEP’s features

Carina - August 2 , 2021

Over the last year, VEEP has matured and presented itself as a serious competitor in the events industry. It meant …


Veep: Doing our part

Carina - July 26 , 2021

The world is going, quite literally, down the ditch, and people need to be there for each other now more …


Get the Money Rolling: Our Payments Feature

Carina - July 9 , 2021

Payment security on the internet has been quite the talk on everybody’s lips, minds and hearts this past year, when …


Top 5 event platforms you should know about

Carina - July 2 , 2021

There are many event platforms out there, in the wild and dangerous world of the world wide web. Each of …


AI, at your service

Carina - June 22 , 2021

AI is cool. AI is trendy. AI is for moments when you don’t know what you want, but your AI …


What will happen to the events industry in 2021?

Carina - May 31 , 2021

Bad news all around, layoffs; last year sucked, no need to overstate it. The arrival of vaccines brought along a …


Speak your truth, you speaker!

Carina - May 10 , 2021

The core of your event. The people that make it all possible, worthwhile, and entertaining.    No no, I’m not …


Hybrid events and how to make the most out of them

Carina - April 26 , 2021

In a recent article we talked about what exactly is a hybrid event, but it’s now time to ask not …


What is a hybrid event anyway?

Carina - April 19 , 2021

Live events, virtual events. Quite the opposite ends of the same spectrum. And in the middle? The wonder that is …


Let me note that down: our Agenda Feature

Carina - April 14 , 2021

Do you remember the days when being organized meant noting down everything in a really big clunky agenda? Well, me …


Most common virtual event mistakes and how to avoid them (Part 2)

Carina - April 12 , 2021

There is a set amount of things that can go wrong in day-to-day life. Yet somehow that number seems to …



Carina - April 7 , 2021

ZOOM is the modern day Caesar: veni, vidi, vici. Skyrocketing from 10 million to a whopping 200 million at the …


Top 3 things to look out for when choosing an online events platform

Carina - April 6 , 2021

Not all events platforms are created equal. And with so many to choose from, it can get hard to distinguish …


The 5 W’s of the event industry

Carina - March 31 , 2021

An ocean of questions, no land in sight, your event: the lighthouse. And this article is the lifeboat that is …


Lights, camera, action! Our videostreaming feature

Carina - March 29 , 2021

The main stage, the moment of truth, you’ve been waiting for it all day. Lights, camera, action! And you’re LIVE!… …


Let’s talk: Networking done right

Carina - March 15 , 2021

What you know in an industry is only equal in importance to who you know. One without the other is …


Most common virtual event mistakes and how to avoid them

Carina - March 10 , 2021

Murphy has his law and it’s been proven time and time again: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. …


Top 4 ways an event professional can help you

Carina - March 3 , 2021

Why an event prof? I can already do things by myself. I have Zoom! I have a Powerpoint Presentation! And …


On-the-job training: Make learning great again

Carina - February 22 , 2021

Learning. It’s just for kids, right? Us, responsible and mature adults, just don’t care about it any more.   Well, …


The team behind VEEP: EMOTIONStudios

Carina - February 17 , 2021

VEEP didn’t just appear one day. No no, it was actually a year long process that included the blood, sweat …


Academic conferences: Let’s hit the books

Carina - February 15 , 2021

  Being a student is not an easy thing. Managing a classroom? Even worse. A whole university? The worst. And …


Just what the doctor ordered: Medical Conferences

Carina - February 10 , 2021

You know this person. You’ve met this person. They’re a professor and a doctor and they have all the knowledge …


Let’s talk: exhibitions, summits, events, what’s the difference?

Carina - February 8 , 2021

The events industry encompasses many, many things, and keeping track of everything can get quite confusing. One of the most …


VEEP for Companies

Carina - February 3 , 2021

Working remotely became quite the phenomenon last year, And it did change quite a bit our workplace relationships, to put …


Our Registration Feature: External registration systems are a thing of the past

Carina - January 29 , 2021

Events in the industry and the industry of events, either way you put it, you still have to get in …


Our Tickets Feature: Get in Control of Your Event Ticket Sales

Carina - January 18 , 2021

Tickets. Such a simple concept. Some would say quite straightforward. You buy it. You use it to get to an …


We are now live!

Carina - January 14 , 2021

We are now Live! VEEP, the Virtual Events Enterprise Platform is now on air and ready to rock and rumble. …