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A deep dive into VEEP’s features

August 2 , 2021

Over the last year, VEEP has matured and presented itself as a serious competitor in the events industry. It meant defining once again its features, adding even more finesse and perfecting them. 

So let’s take a look at them, as they stand now, more improved than ever.



VEEP’s Ticketing feature works for both the organizer and the attendee. For the organizer, it lets them get in control of the event ticket sales by just paying just the credit card fees, all while optimizing the costs and having full control of the ticket types and pricing  on the Stats Dashboard.

Don’t think there are  no advantages for the usual attendee, just like me and you! Au contraire, mon ami! VEEP supports Credit Card payments but also Offline payments. Want a discount? There are coupons! Lotsa people that you want to experience the event with? Group tickets are now available! All while getting each and every ticket to their right owner with the Ticket Emailing System.



Events in the industry and the industry of events, either way you put it, you still have to get in it somehow. Both in the industry and in the event. You can get them confused sometimes. You need to register for both of them, either way. Almost like getting a ticket.

And if you don’t want to get confused, get organized. Get your resources, arrange everything, keep it personal, because creating an event is no small feat. Last time we talked about ticketing, and now we have to take it a bit further and talk about registration. Registration, in a few words, is the bigger, stronger and more complex brother of ticketing. It tackles all the behind the scenes elements that make ticketing what it actually is, coupons, management, badging, all things included. As a rule of thumb, registration software enables organizations to automate the process of event registration and streamline the process of payment collection. Among other things, the software helps with membership management, ticketing, on-site or online registrations, self check-in and badge management, Software Advice notes.

While deciding what kind of registration you want for your event, you can decide to have a custom registration system or external registration system. So let’s talk about the differences between them.

Many event organizers choose to select an external registration system, letting other people manage this section of their event. At first, this seems like a good tradeoff, taking some of the weight off your shoulders when it comes to organizing an event. The problem comes when you need to pay. Many external registration systems opt for a payment of a base fee for the service, then a base fee for each ticket sold and then an extra percent of the profits that come from selling tickets. Which, come to think about it, it can add up to a lot, a lot of money.

Even more, when you consider it, you don’t really have full control of what is going on when you externalize the ticketing process. You may lose out on analytics or on custom features that you may need.

That is why we recommend products that have a registration feature included. And not to toot our own horn, but VEEP has the registration feature on board from the get go. Even more, you can have your own custom registration, control your registration forms, collect data and integrate with your CRM of choice without any other additional fees. Going even more in detail, you can have the option to give Free tickets & discounts, custom Invoicing alongside Tax/Vat advanced features. Of course, payment integrations with all the major card processors is a given, as well as registration analytics.



What you know in an industry is only equal in importance to who you know. One without the other is quite useless, but together, they make your business whole, like a really weird yin and yang symbol.

And how networking is applied during an event can determine its overall success. It would be a mistake to overlook this aspect, especially if you think of organizing an event yourself. But with VEEP, you have no reason to worry.

Networking can take many forms in the events industry: for speakers, attendees and organizers it will look wildly different. That’s why multiple options to connect should be available. VEEP’s Q&A’s and polls during the livestream helps the speaker relate and communicate with the attendees, taking their opinions into account. The Chat system alongside the livestream is another way attendees can create their network during the event.

But you should try and keep your attendees engaged with one another, particularly during breaks. With VEEP, that’s now easier than ever! With the option to have 1-on-1 Chat, 1-on-1 Video Calls and even Group Chat, finding new people in your industry is going to be better than ever. And this isn’t only available during events, but also after! Simply keep track of the people you meet with Matchmaking and VCard/contact info exchange in your personal account.

It would be a shame to leave the organizers out, so we VEEP is ready to help them too! Networking analytics are available at all times, both during the event and after. The analytics reports contain in detail information about how many connections, interactions, likes, favourites, messages have been sent during the event. Of course, analytics can always be personalized, so if you have anything specific in mind to keep track of it can be arranged. 



Videostreaming just isn’t what it used to be. It got mundane. It got trivialized. All because of COVID and working from home. 

But what if it was still something special? What if videostreaming was still the VIP experience that you are used to in live events?

With the risk of sounding like a used car salesman, VEEP can make you feel like you’re red carpet ready! Get event production services on demand and let us take care of all things events-related. With VEEP as your online event platform,  you can get your streaming platform of choice integrated within minutes while still having the flexibility that you are used to (and even more!)

Want ZOOM? We got you covered. Go live from any platform: Vimeo, Youtube, ZOOM, OBS and so many more. Training and tutorials included, alongside tech support, so don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. 

Need even more action? Multiple live streams that go on at the same time? No problem. Q&A’s? Already done. Chat? Included. Polls? Completed. Surveys? Sent. 



Do you remember the days when being organized meant noting down everything in a really big clunky agenda?

Well, me neither. I’m part of Gen Z, so by the time I was expected to be an “adult”, everything was already at my disposal on my phone.

Dumb jokes aside, VEEP’s Agenda feature is basically an agenda on steroids. And who doesn’t love a bit of muscle?

VEEP’s agenda is what you need to keep your event organized; no need for other externa; apps, API’s or plugins to create it! It’s already included in our platform so you can start constructing your event’s schedule. By adding sessions to your event, the Agenda is created automatically and, guess what, it changes dynamically. Meaning? That at no point in organizing your event should you bother with synchronizing any changed that you make between the livestream and agenda section.

And you can go as specific as you want! Your event can have sessions, then those sessions can have sub-sessions. Each of these sessions or subs-sessions can have sponsors added individually, so, as we said, you can go as in detail as you want. Like a custom little Matryoshka doll, just for you.

Speaking of specificity, each user on your VEEP platform can create their own custom agenda. Just by clicking the favourite button on specific sessions; nothing more, nothing less, and everybody can get their personalized schedule for the event. 

But personalization doesn’t stop here. VEEP’s Agenda can manage multi-event, multi-day and multi-timezone functionality. This means that regardless of where your user is in the whole wide world, it will get custom times to your event, sessions or sub-sessions to make sure they will not miss a thing.



The core of your event. The people that make it all possible, worthwhile, and entertaining. 

No no, I’m not talking about us here at VEEP, but rather the speakers that are present at your event. No, even better, that represent your event. 

As far as it goes, the organizers and the speakers make an event what it actually is; they are the highlight of the show, a lot of people attending just to hear one particular take by their favourite spokesperson, keynoter, speechmaker, speaker. They are, in a way, the true ambassadors of your event. So it would be a shame to not highlight them in a proper way. With VEEP’s Speaker feature, you can do exactly that.

VEEP gives way to speakers to stand out from the crowd, allowing them to shine with designated individual pages. These pages showcase their biography, their social media presence and the events and sessions they are speaking. 

And with easy searching and filtering, you can bridge the gap between attendees and speakers much, much easier. Not only that, but attendees and speakers can interact through the integrated VEEP networking system. 

The kicker? The speaker feature comes integrated with the VEEP platform from the get go. No need to pay extra fees or worry about other extensions to make it work. No other setting up needed. 



AI is cool. AI is trendy. AI is for moments when you don’t know what you want, but your AI already does.

VEEP’s AI does that, atleast. 

Getting into specifics, the AI prepares and serves content based on your attendees user personas to create an engaging platform where people will return to time and time again.

Delivering content based on user personas is one thing; being able to analyze it for future events is another. With VEEP, you get analytics every step of the way: what type of attendees you have, what they interact with the most and what they want and need from your event. This only serves to refine and improve your platform, all to create an engaging platform where people will return to, time and time again.

Even more, as you’re delivering good content, as people will stay more on your platform, they will start networking naturally ( with the help of VEEP’s networking, of course). The result? Even more traffic and business growth.All done by VEEP’s AI behind the scenes.


Payments & Security

Payment security on the internet has been quite the talk on everybody’s lips, minds and hearts this past year, when everybody & everything had to go online.

In all honesty, it should have been  on everybody’s mind since long, long, looong time ago. Especially when it comes to online and hybrid events and their ticketing. So many regulations, so much to check, so much to verify, so little time. 

The Emotionstudios team (you know, the one that’s behind VEEP) knows this problem up close and personal. After thirteen years of experience in the industry, you can say that basically you’ve seen almost everything.

And that’s why when we created VEEP we set out to take the worry of secure payments processing off of the client’s mind. 

But the biggest thing that makes VEEP stand apart from the rest of the competition is the fact that there are no extra costs when it comes to payments and ticketing. We’ve already talked about ticketing and registration in a previous blog article; ticketing, registration and payments are, of course, interconnected; you can’t really have one without the other. We also recommended products that have a registration feature included, just like VEEP does. 

And when you get integration with Stripe, Chase, and Paypal, you know you’re set. Even if you have something else in mind, like traditional credit card payments or something else, VEEP’s able to be customized in every last bit of detail, so we can make it work. 

VEEP offers state of the art security while keeping the platform compliant with all the various international regulations: making sure that following guidelines is easy-peasy from the get-go: PCI Level 1 Compliant, CCPA Compliant, GDPR Compliant. And if you have something else in mind, we can always make it work. So you can rest easy while you know that everything is in check.


Make the right choice, choose the right platform with the right features. So start working with VEEP today. 

Let’s talk!