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Academic conferences: Let’s hit the books

February 15 , 2021


Being a student is not an easy thing. Managing a classroom? Even worse. A whole university? The worst. And doing it whilst a literal pandemic is raging outside is nearly impossible. 


Just like  everything and everybody, learning went from offline to online. Quick solutions like Zoom and Google Meet were just the right thing to keep us going for a while, as we thought this wouldn’t last more than like, two months. Surprise surprise, here we are, a year later, not quite an end in sight to all of this craziness. 

And now, for student and teacher alike,  the plain functionalities of platforms like Zoom don’t quite make the cut. What if you need a place where you could ask a question even after the class is over? Or what if you need to rewatch a certain part of a lesson? Or talk to your class?

Speaking of teachers, even the communication between them is hard at this point in time. Giving out materials, organizing online exams, formulating and reformulating the curriculum as things change outside.

When it comes to any kind of academic conferences, they’re dead in the water. All the pomp and circumstance that’s associated with it is simply gone. All of it condensed in a simple link with a few black screens and a time limit.

A tragedy, if I may.


But education doesn’t have to be cumbersome or a struggle. It can be immersive and entertaining and still be a learning environment. With VEEP you can have it all.

VEEP can be used by schools in a variety of manners, academic conferences being just one of the highlights. When used for classrooms, it has the benefit of creating both live sessions with Q&A’s, live chat, breakout rooms and round tables, all organized in schedule or agenda. Need them later? No problem, they are always available in a repository. Need tutoring? There’s 1-on-1 meetings. Keeping tabs on everybody is effortless with the help of personalized accounts. Conferences are just the cherry on top. Dedicated Speakers page for faculty members and alumni and Agenda with all the information about the multiple presentations. And of course, all the features of VEEP can be used internally, for the professors and students, as presented before, or for the whole world to see and learn.


So what do you say? Are you ready to hit the books and start using VEEP?
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