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How to attract sponsors to your event

September 6 , 2021

A budget is a budget and most of the time they aren’t that big. That’s where sponsors come in a clutch. Sponsors can make or break your event, so having them by your side is essential, as they are a great financing option.

Even more, besides actually sponsoring your event, sponsors also have the important roles of building brand awareness, improving sales numbers and building brand awareness.

Regardless of that, without further ado, let’s look at the best ways to attract sponsors to your event.


1. Do your homework

No sponsor will walk willy-nilly and give you money just because your event sounds good in theory. The great majority will need to see how sponsoring your event will be beneficial to them, they need to see or be reassured that your event will actually have a good return of investment and it will need to see metrics and statistics. Sponsors are generally concerned about their visibility and notoriety.
Do your homework and see what that sponsor you want is interested in. Usually they look out for attendance figures, demographics, contact information for attendees, stats on traffic and engagement both online and offline.

So make sure that you have ways to track everything going on so you can vouch for your credibility and success of your event.


2. Be very aware of both your and their goals

Financial reasons aside, please do consider that not every or any sponsor will help you in the way that you expect it to. You wouldn’t collaborate with a catering agency for a sponsorship if you actually need a venue sponsorship. Same for sponsors. They won’t come to you for media recognition if you are just starting out in the industry.
So try to be as honest as you can with the goals of your event so you can find the best sponsors out there.


3. Know where to look for them

Some things are easier to find than others and actually finding sponsors is at the far end of the spectrum, to be honest. That’s why sites dedicated to finding sponsors popped up. Some of the best ones are:

SponsorPark (best for corporate events, but also dwell with arts, entertainment, sports and festivals)
SponsorPitch (Has a great database of sponsors that you can choose from)
SponsorMyEvent (quite straight to the point. Maybe that’s why TEDx collaborates with them)

Another great tip when searching for sponsors is to look at related or similar events to the one you are trying to hold. You already know that these sponsors are interested in the field and are willing to invest in it, maybe even more than once. One thing is for sure, your sales pitch will be much easier.


4. Prepare your proposal and make it the best out there

A proposal is almost like a cover letter for your sales pitch. Having a personalized one for each sponsor you are trying to get is the way to go. You should always ask yourself “Why should I be sponsored by this specific company?” and the answers will come along and you should be able to write your business proposal in no time. Remember to tell your company story, describe in detail what you do and in what industry, break down your potential costs, and, most importantly, describe your audience’s demographics. They’re the most interested if your target market matches the potential sponsors’.


5. Think about offering sponsor incentives

Everybody is out for a freebie here and there, and sponsors are no different. Incentives like free booths at your event and accommodations and/or food for the company representatives are also welcomed. Generally, having their logo on promotional flyers, mentioning them in marketing posts and social media posts is what most sponsors expect.


How would you get sponsors?

Let’s talk!