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How to boost the popularity of your event

January 17 , 2022

Being popular means you’re cool and everybody wants to be cool these days. Even events. So common, get on with the cool kids 


Of course, popularity means something completely different in the events industry than in the real world. Popularity is actually correlated more with increased attention and greater reach, to use the appropriate language here. So let’s see how you can do just that. 


Opt for a hybrid format

Digital and hybrid events are all the rage these days, and for all the good reasons, sustainability included. With a well put together hybrid event, getting attention and traction for your event is not only easier, but since it plays on multiple avenues, both physical and digital, the reach will be much greater. Not only that, but also having an online audience can reduce the environmental cost of your event: instead of having 3 000 people in person, you can get the same number of attendees with, let’s say, 1 500 online participants and still keep the 3 000 in person. The numbers add up: with more people online, you can get the same amount or even more attendees, without planning for extra catering, transportation, etc. It’s like a win-win situation for everybody involved. Of course, the ideal situation is to go completely online, on an events platform ( you know, like VEEP) that can translate the live experience into a digital one.


Sponsors are your friends

Hosting a hybrid event boosts your reach not only to possible attendees, but also to possible sponsors. They understand the wide reach that hybrid events present. Being visible to two types of audiences at the same time for the same event is almost a two-for-one kind of deal for sponsors. Even more, being a sponsor to an event of this type assures them that they’re going to be visible and get exposure even years after the event is gone; all with the help of videos from the event, from both the online and in person part. It’s like a win-win situation for everybody involved. For more information on how to get sponsors to your event, take a look at our article right here.


Connect with your audience

In order to have a great event for everybody involved, you need to be aware of what kind of audience you will have. Remember to work with your attendees interests, use language that makes sense to your target demographic, with specific jargon, be succinct and clear and continuously invest in your site’s content. But keep in mind that what might work for Boomers will bore Gen Z (I mean, what did you expect?), and what might go for Millennials might not work for Gen X. Either way, you need to plan ahead and adapt the way in which you construct your event, even more if you think of creating a hybrid or a virtual event:a good team of developers and the right events platform will know the ins-and-outs of UI and UX and will make the right decisions when it comes to your event. 


Setting that aside, a discovery or planning period specifically dedicated to understanding the possible audience and it’s requirements will certainly help you on the road to a successful conference. 


Make the onsite experience unforgettable

Scalability is often determined by how people feel onsite, so we can say it’s quite important. The onsite experience that people have while participating in your event is what most people will think of qualifying your event, good, great, or just ok. Think about the overall experience of the average attendant or speaker. Can they get refreshments and food? Do they wait in line to get it or can they pre-register? Is there assistance on the ground? Is it accessible to everybody? These are just some of the big things when thinking about the onsite experience. Of course, the situation is a bit different when organizing online or hybrid events. In that case you also need to prioritize good servers (so, you know, people don’t get mad at loading times and then leave), good enough content that it won’t matter that it’s online versus in person and keep a very clear and well structured site so that everything flows smoothly, allowing users to enjoy the event just as much as it was live.


Or better yet, let us help. We’re sure you won’t regret it. 

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