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Hybrid events and how to make the most out of them

April 26 , 2021

In a recent article we talked about what exactly is a hybrid event, but it’s now time to ask not what we can do for a hybrid event, but what can the hybrid event do for us.


Making the most out of an event is hard as it is, but things get to a whole other level when considering the complexity of hybrid events. 


Think (mostly) digital

Even though it should be an equal combination of both live and online events, hybrid events need to be conceptualized and planned with the digital aspect first in mind. Being online, digital attendees get distracted more easily, so think about shorter, more focused sessions, which will yield better results. A sound flow of the day will also keep the audience engaged: sessions, fireside chats, presentations, panels and breakout sessions

That’s also why we recommend specific hours for hybrid events. The usual 8 am to 6 pm agenda of an in-person conference might not be the best solution for a hybrid event. Shorter hours, like 10 am to 4 pm, ensure the fact that online attendees do not get ZOOM fatigued while also having a few hours before and after for the in-person participants, such as networking gatherings.


Remember the power of the internet…

Having an online presence before the event is one thing, keeping it is another. Engaging the at-home audience is now easier than ever. Most online events platforms have a chat system integrated, so the people at home can always chat between themselves and with the moderator. Both audiences can always use Twitter to chime in with what is going on during the conference with a simple hashtag. And with the magic of the internet, you can go viral or trending in an instant. The best part? It will bring you extra reach that you never could have imagined. All the better for you, the organizer. 


…and the internet will remember you. 

Hosting a hybrid event boosts your reach not only to possible attendees, but also to possible sponsors. They also understand the wide reach that hybrid events present. Being visible to two types of audiences at the same time for the same event is almost a two-for-one kind of deal for sponsors. Even more, being a sponsor to an event of this type assures them that they’re going to be visible and get exposure even years after the event is gone; all with the help of videos from the event, from both the online and in person part. It’s like a win-win situation for everybody involved.


Speakers without borders

Getting speakers to your live event is quite the hassle these days, given the whole pandemic situation that’s still going on. Rather than limiting your options, you can keep people safe and still have them be present at your event with the help of hybrid events. Just like attendees at home, speakers can tune in at different panels or stages remotely, presenting, talking, interacting with the audience from the safety of their home. No borders, no limitations, more information, better events for everybody involved.


Use the right events platform

There are many, many types, versions and forms of events platforms out there; and not all of them are quite that solid and reliable, you know, like VEEP. You knew this was coming. But, in all honesty, we’re quite good at what we do. So don’t count us out, we might be the solution you didn’t even know you were looking for.


Would you ever consider hosting a hybrid event? Have any other tips?

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