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Hybrid events are the future, regardless of your opinion

January 7 , 2022

Live events, virtual events. Quite the opposite ends of the same spectrum. And in the middle? The wonder that is hybrid events. That wonderful combination of live and virtual events has cemented their position in the industry of conference and events, not willing to give up the top spot as the go to event format in the last two years. 

But will this format stand the test of time? Will we see more of it in the future?


In our opinion, yes. An absolute, astounding, definitive, absolute yes. And this is not without cause, rhyme or reason, but rather an informed one.


So, without further ado, let’s discuss why hybrid events can be considered the future of events.


Safety, before everything

The sanitary situation, as optimistic as we want to be, is still quite precarious. There is no escaping the current pandemic. And when it comes to conventions, conferences and events , even with all safety precautions, we are still at risk. That’s where hybrid and online events come into action. Hybrid events can minimize the health risks, making social distancing easier to manage, all while still meeting attendance and speaker goals. And, in our opinion, this format is going to stay as long as health restrictions are in place.


Speakers without borders

Just as we said before, getting speakers to your live event is quite the hassle these days, given the whole pandemic situation that’s still going on. Rather than limiting your options, you can keep people safe and still have them be present at your event with the help of hybrid events. Just like attendees at home, speakers can tune in at different panels or stages remotely, presenting, talking, interacting with the audience from the safety of their home. No borders, no limitations, more information, better events for everybody involved.


The reach is incredible

Digital and hybrid events are all the rage these days, and for all the good reasons, sustainability included. With a well put together hybrid event, getting attention and traction for your event is not only easier, but since it plays on multiple avenues, both physical and digital, the reach will be much greater. Not only that, but also having an online audience can reduce the environmental cost of your event: instead of having 3 000 people in person, you can get the same number of attendees with, let’s say, 1 500 online participants and still keep the 3 000 in person. The numbers add up: with more people online, you can get the same amount or even more attendees, without planning for extra catering, transportation, etc. It’s like a win-win situation for everybody involved. Of course, the ideal situation is to go completely online, on an events platform ( you know, like VEEP) that can translate the live experience into a digital one. 


Sponsors are in it to win it

Hosting a hybrid event boosts your reach not only to possible attendees, but also to possible sponsors. They also understand the wide reach that hybrid events present. Being visible to two types of audiences at the same time for the same event is almost a two-for-one kind of deal for sponsors. Even more, being a sponsor to an event of this type assures them that they’re going to be visible and get exposure even years after the event is gone; all with the help of videos from the event, from both the online and in person part. It’s like a win-win situation for everybody involved.


Better revenue generation

Hosting a hybrid platform is going to let you have not one, but two ways to generate revenue. Of course, the general revenue is from sponsors, and as we said before, they love being everywhere, anywhere, all the time, so a hybrid event is going to be a golden opportunity for them.

But the other main source of revenue, tickets, really comes in a close second to sponsorships. When talking about hybrid events, you can generate (atleast) double the amount of visitors just because many attendees do not want to join the physical events just yet, all pandemic things considered. Allowing such an option to be available, to let attendees join from a distance, will increase the number of people that can join without any worries for a bigger venue or other physical accommodations. The result? Better revenue for you with the same (or even fewer!) costs.



So what are you waiting for? Organize your hybrid event today with the help of VEEP. 

Let’s talk!