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Just what the doctor ordered: Medical Conferences

February 10 , 2021

You know this person.

You’ve met this person. They’re a professor and a doctor and they have all the knowledge in their field. No if’s, but’s, maybe’s or however’s. Could know a diagnosis just by the way you walked into their office. A real life House M.D., one could say; but just like him, they have one major flaw. Their kryptonite?


Anything internet related.


The poor thing is threatened by Youtube, inexplicably in a feud with Powerpoint Presentations and, for some reason, cannot maximize a page even if their life depended on it.


Where did they come from, where did they go?

This type of person became more and more prevalent (or rather more apparent) during the pandemic, given the fact that now everything has to be done online. Even medical conferences, a big part of the event industry, are now almost exclusively online. You can see where I’m getting at.


Generally speaking, medical event organizers and internet illiterate people do not mix. Something always goes wrong, even if no party is actually at fault, and it can jeopardize all the hard work that went behind the scenes for that event to take place. And nobody wants that to happen.


Give them an apple.

Simplifying things is the way to go, that is for sure. Accessibility should always be top priority; and transforming that kryptonite into something positive may not be impossible. An online events platform that has that perfect balance between UI and UX, between usability and tech. An online events platform that has all the professional event features one should need, from live streaming to networking and even sponsors.


That platform is VEEP, the literal apple in the saying that everybody knows. It’s easy to work with for both the organizers and the speakers, aka our dear doctors and professors that are always bickering with Zoom. Just like a happy medium. It’s so intuitive that anybody can use it, irrespective of their technical prowess. It’s just what the doctor ordered.
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