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Let me note that down: our Agenda Feature

April 14 , 2021

Do you remember the days when being organized meant noting down everything in a really big clunky agenda?

Well, me neither. I’m part of Gen Z, so by the time I was expected to be an “adult”, everything was already at my disposal on my phone.

Dumb jokes aside, VEEP’s Agenda feature is basically an agenda on steroids. And who doesn’t love a bit of muscle?

VEEP’s agenda is what you need to keep your event organized; no need for other externa; apps, API’s or plugins to create it! It’s already included in our platform so you can start constructing your event’s schedule. By adding sessions to your event, the Agenda is created automatically and, guess what, it changes dynamically. Meaning? That at no point in organizing your event should you bother with synchronizing any changed that you make between the livestream and agenda section.

And you can go as specific as you want! Your event can have sessions, then those sessions can have sub-sessions. Each of these sessions or subs-sessions can have sponsors added individually, so, as we said, you can go as in detail as you want. Like a custom little Matryoshka doll, just for you.

 Speaking of specificity, each user on your VEEP platform can create their own custom agenda. Just by clicking the favourite button on specific sessions; nothing more, nothing less, and everybody can get their personalized schedule for the event. 

But personalization doesn’t stop here. VEEP’s Agenda can manage multi-event, multi-day and multi-timezone functionality. This means that regardless of where your user is in the whole wide world, it will get custom times to your event, sessions or sub-sessions to make sure they will not miss a thing.

So many ways to customize your agenda, all in a neat little package delivered by VEEP.


Anything else on your mind? Something else that needs personalized? Want to see the agenda feature in action?


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