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Let’s talk: Networking done right

March 15 , 2021

What you know in an industry is only equal in importance to who you know. One without the other is quite useless, but together, they make your business whole, like a really weird yin and yang symbol.


And how networking is applied during an event can determine its overall success. It would be a mistake to overlook this aspect, especially if you think of organizing an event yourself. But with VEEP, you have no reason to worry.


Networking can take many forms in the events industry: for speakers, attendees and organizers it will look wildly different. That’s why multiple options to connect should be available.


VEEP’s Q&A’s and polls during the livestream helps the speaker relate and communicate with the attendees, taking their opinions into account. The Chat system alongside the livestream is another way attendees can create their network during the event.


But you should try and keep your attendees engaged with one another, particularly during breaks. With VEEP, that’s now easier than ever! With the option to have 1-on-1 Chat, 1-on-1 Video Calls and even Group Chat, finding new people in your industry is going to be better than ever.


And this isn’t only available during events, but also after! Simply keep track of the people you meet with Matchmaking and VCard/contact info exchange in your personal account.


It would be a shame to leave the organizers out, so we VEEP is ready to help them too! Networking analytics are available at all times, both during the event and after. The analytics reports contain in detail information about how many connections, interactions, likes, favourites, messages have been sent during the event. Of course, analytics can always be personalized, so if you have anything specific in mind to keep track of it can be arranged. 


So how about you see our networking feature working live? Request a demo and meet up with our representatives to see how VEEP can help you build your best event yet!

Let’s talk!