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On-the-job training: Make learning great again

February 22 , 2021

Learning. It’s just for kids, right? Us, responsible and mature adults, just don’t care about it any more.


Well, no. That was technically the whole spiel that was pushed into the general public around the start of the 2000’s. After employers realized that they were missing out on possibilities, things quickly changed. And for good reason: 94 percent of employees would stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning and 24% higher profit margins can be the result of companies who invest in training according to the Huffington Post.

This ROI quickly turned everybody’s attention to it, and nowadays it’s quite common to have either on-the-job trainings and job sponsored instructions; even in their private time, people use things like Skillshare and UDemy to better themselves in every aspect of their life. Again, stats back this up: In North America, internal team meetings/trainings are the most common meeting activity type, with 17% of the market in 2020. Internal team meetings/trainings represent 19% for Europe, 16% for Asia Pacific and 19% for Central/South America. (Global Meetings & Events Forecast, 2021).


This is a massive, untapped opportunity, both for employers and, well, the teachers of the world. Training conferences should be in the spotlight for all the good reasons. For employers and teachers alike, VEEP is here to make it easier for everybody. 

VEEP is the perfect platform to create trainings for your company. All in-house trainings and tutorials can be done live in a conference-like environment where the employees can use either the chat, the polling system, the Q&A section or just live chatting with the trainer. 

This isn’t a one and done thing either. All live videos can be saved and transferred to video repositories, where your team can turn to time and time again to check, learn and grow.

Have a franchise? Have news that everybody should know? VEEP has got you covered. Call them in for an internal conference to give them all the information. Need readily available information for all the people in your franchise, both in video and written form? Yep, VEEP can do that for you.

Even more, with the option of personalized accounts, you can keep track of each person’s progress individually. You can even select what training a certain person goes to; in this way you can play to everybody’s strengths! Multiple trainings can be Live simultaneously, and people can keep track of their sessions by using their Agenda. Chatting, both live, during trainings, and in private, keeps the learning momentum going.


So, ready for some on the job training? Make it cool to learn again. Now with VEEP.
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