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Our Registration Feature: External registration systems are a thing of the past

January 29 , 2021

Events in the industry and the industry of events, either way you put it, you still have to get in it somehow. Both in the industry and in the event. You can get them confused sometimes. You need to register for both of them, either way. Almost like getting a ticket.

And if you don’t want to get confused, get organized. Get your resources, arrange everything, keep it personal, because creating an event is no small feat. Last time we talked about ticketing, and now we have to take it a bit further and talk about registration. Registration, in a few words, is the bigger, stronger and more complex brother of ticketing. It tackles all the behind the scenes elements that make ticketing what it actually is, coupons, management, badging, all things included. As a rule of thumb, registration software enables organizations to automate the process of event registration and streamline the process of payment collection. Among other things, the software helps with membership management, ticketing, on-site or online registrations, self check-in and badge management, Software Advice notes.

While deciding what kind of registration you want for your event, you can decide to have a custom registration system or external registration system. So let’s talk about the differences between them.

Many event organizers choose to select an external registration system, letting other people manage this section of their event. At first, this seems like a good tradeoff, taking some of the weight off your shoulders when it comes to organizing an event. The problem comes when you need to pay. Many external registration systems opt for a payment of a base fee for the service, then a base fee for each ticket sold and then an extra percent of the profits that come from selling tickets. Which, come to think about it, it can add up to a lot, a lot of money.

Even more, when you consider it, you don’t really have full control of what is going on when you externalize the ticketing process. You may lose out on analytics or on custom features that you may need.

That is why we recommend products that have a registration feature included. And not to toot our own horn, but VEEP has the registration feature on board from the get go. Even more, you can have your own custom registration, control your registration forms, collect data and integrate with your CRM of choice without any other additional fees. Going even more in detail, you can have the option to give Free tickets & discounts, custom Invoicing alongside Tax/Vat advanced features. Of course, payment integrations with all the major card processors is a given, as well as registration analytics.



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