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Our Tickets Feature: Get in Control of Your Event Ticket Sales

January 18 , 2021

Tickets. Such a simple concept. Some would say quite straightforward. You buy it. You use it to get to an event, any kind of event, even a tech event or an exhibition. This has been going on since time immemorial without any kind of problem. 

As ever, 2020 came along and ruined, well, everything. Including events!  And tickets! Now events have to be online, see everyone through a screen and take a leading role in a Muppets remake among other things.

Credit: The Muppets Youtube Channel

Okay, the events industry changed dramatically, and so did the ticketing system. With everything now online, having that pass to the event you really want to be a part of is now online too.

What about the risks? What if you lose your ticket, like Trump lost the election? What if you have a coupon? Or what if you buy multiple tickets? What happens then? 

Well, to be honest, we don’t really know. Why? Because if you use VEEP, you won’t have to deal with these problems. 

VEEP’s features make it the go-to professional platform when it comes to online events, and your ticketing woes will pass (see what I did there?) on.

VEEP’s Ticketing feature works for both the organizer and the attendee. For the organizer, it lets them get in control of the event ticket sales by just paying just the credit card fees, all while optimizing the costs and having full control of the ticket types and pricing  on the Stats Dashboard.

Don’t think there are  no advantages for the usual attendee, just like me and you! Au contraire, mon ami! VEEP supports Credit Card payments but also Offline payments. Want a discount? There are coupons! Lotsa people that you want to experience the event with? Group tickets are now available! All while getting each and every ticket to their right owner with the Ticket Emailing System.


All reliable, all safe, all professional. So maybe it’s not a bad thing that events are now online. Start your VEEP journey today!

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