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Speak your truth, you speaker!

May 10 , 2021

The core of your event. The people that make it all possible, worthwhile, and entertaining. 


No no, I’m not talking about us, here at VEEP, but rather the speakers that are present at your event. No, even better, that represent your event. 


As far as it goes, the organizers and the speakers make an event what it actually is; they are the highlight of the show, a lot of people attending just to hear one particular take by their favourite spokesperson, keynoter, speechmaker, speaker. 


They are, in a way, the true ambassadors of your event. So it would be a shame to not highlight them in a proper way. With VEEP’s Speaker feature, you can do exactly that.


VEEP gives way to speakers to stand out from the crowd, allowing them to shine with designated individual pages. These pages showcase their biography, their social media presence and the events and sessions they are speaking. 


And with easy searching and filtering, you can bridge the gap between attendees and speakers much, much easier. Not only that, but attendees and speakers can interact through the integrated VEEP networking system. 


The kicker? The speaker feature comes integrated with the VEEP platform from the get go. No need to pay extra fees or worry about other extensions to make it work. No other setting up needed. 


So? Ready to put your speakers in the spotlight?

Let’s talk!