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The team behind VEEP: EMOTIONStudios

February 17 , 2021

VEEP didn’t just appear one day. No no, it was actually a year long process that included the blood, sweat and tears of our team. And lots, lots of coffee. What team, you ask? Well the EMOTIONStudios team, of course.


EMOTIONStudios is an independent agency that has consistently delivered powerful and reliable web platforms for events, conventions & trade shows ever since 2008. With quite a small but mighty team, we always drifted towards dependable and strong solutions rather than trends.

As we said, we have quite the experience behind us, almost 13 years to be exact. The cumulative knowledge of our team is even greater: 75 years! With experts in Web Development, Business management, QA, UI/UX and design, we tackle each project with open mindedness and professionalism. 

The portfolio is one to match and our clients can attest it: BFA Global, Women in Exhibitions, CCREEE, GL Eventsthe REGO group and many others.

With all this experience came also the need to innovate. And given the fact that everything, everyone, everybody and their grandma had to go online, the events industry something that could help it go forward.


And that’s how VEEP, the second product of EMOTIONStudios, following Lilifeed, came to be. Just like Lilifeed, VEEP is our baby, a project that is so much more personal and dear to us than usual. Every bit of it, from the design to the code to the multiple features, came from our (almost too real) blood, sweat and tears. Working and reworking things, adding some, removing some, then adding it back again. So, you know, just  the usual.

VEEP, as the name says, is designed to fit all of the needs of a literal VIP at any kind of event, be it online, hybrid or (as soon as we can) in person. We got you covered: Ticketing solutions, custom Registration, Networking for users, top quality Video Streaming, Agenda for your event, Speakers content, deliver and analyze content with the help of AI Based Content, safe and compliant Payments or any other custom requirements that you might have.


So what are you waiting for? Meet the team behind VEEP that will help you create the event of your dreams.
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