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Top 3 things to look out for when choosing an online events platform

April 6 , 2021

Not all events platforms are created equal. And with so many to choose from, it can get hard to distinguish one or from the other.


So let’s make your life easier and help you with a few tips when it comes to choosing an online platform for your virtual event. 


0. Know Thyself

The first step is to ask yourself what you actually need for your event; knowing what you require for your event before starting your quest for the search for the perfect platform will give you a better understanding of everything that is going on.


1. Off-the-shelf is a no go

Non-customizable platforms? Security issues? Features that you need missing and features that you don’t pumping the price up? This is what an off-the-shelf event platform usually consists of. They have little to customization possibilities and shoddy workarounds with the security of the platform so it can actually work. And they never have the right thing, just the right features for your specific event: you might need to get another add-on or another service to even get basic functionalities like ticketing.


2. Locked in and locked away

Long term contracts. Nobody likes them. And they’re even worse when talking about the online events industry. Take a good look at the proposed contract before signing it. You can get locked-in and locked away, not being able to leave for a good number of years. Even if you’re not satisfied with the platform!


3. Money, money, money

The first thing that everybody looks at when choosing an online platform is money; People think that just because an event is online it should cost next to nothing and that’s why they gravitate towards products that have 3 digits instead of the usual 4. But that’s not usually the best course of action to take. Paying upfront for just a select number of features adds up when also counting hidden fees like ticketing per user and a fee out of the total ticket sales. And nobody wants to lose money.


Not all platforms can be as reliable, customizable and scalable as VEEP. Maybe you should keep it as a (very) good option.


Do you have any other tips to keep in mind when choosing an event platform? What would you recommend?

Let’s talk!