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VEEP for Companies

February 3 , 2021

Working remotely became quite the phenomenon last year, And it did change quite a bit our workplace relationships, to put it mildly. As it is at the moment, no platform quite does it when talking about networking in , Google Meets is quite limiting when it comes to company meetings announcements. No disrespect to mister Google here, but that is indeed the truth. And while going live and (hopefully) seeing everybody is nice, where does that connection go after the meeting ends? And that’s no way to make friends. Using Workplace from Facebook is quite redundant, as employees are already using Facebook while at work. And going live from Workplace is quite the unnecessary hassle. And Zoom, while nice overall, is quite limiting, it doesn’t really have the


What if I told you that there was a custom solution to all these problems? One that is even more versatile than what is available on the market right now?

That solution is right in front of you. 


Yes, indeed, I’m talking about VEEP. This VEEP right here. 


1. Resource hub for employees

Starting a new job is always scary and quite often it takes a while to get your bearings and find the right way to do things in a new workplace. Even more so now than ever before, given the whole pandemic. As an internal hub, VEEP can be used to solve this situation! All in-house trainings and tutorials can be done live in a conference-like environment where the employees can use either the chat, the polling system, the Q&A section or just live chatting with the trainer. 

This isn’t a one and done thing either. All live videos can be saved and transferred to video repositories, where your team can turn to time and time again to check, learn and grow.

Staying close to the  idea of learning, VEEP can be used as a knowledge repository for people in your franchise. Have news that everybody should know? Call them in for an internal conference. Need readily available information for all the people in your franchise, both in video and written form? Then VEEP will solve all your needs.


2. Internal conferences

Trainings are not the only way you can use VEEP for your business. Town hall company meetings, quarterly check-ins, company-wide announcements,  even 1-on-1 meetings or private chats and connections. All with the help of VEEP and its personal accounts. Each employee can have a personal account on the platform and create their own connections. The networking possibilities are endless! As we said before, you can use chat, the polling system, the Q&A section.


3. Marketing conferences platform

Internal this, internal that, innuendo this, innuendo that, but a great thing about VEEP is that it can not only be used as an internal platform for conferences, but also as an external one. Need to meet with the shareholders for the annual conference but Covid is getting in the way? You can use VEEP! Want to sell your product to another company? Head on down to VEEP to hold the official meeting, all while still being in a professional environment.


4. Everything under one roof, under one branding

This is one of the things that most people generally forget when using online video streaming platforms. You lose your brand identity and let ZOOM take you far away into anonymity. Poof, all your brand awareness, all the hard work that your marketing theme has done, gone in a second. With VEEP, you can have the best of both worlds! Like how ZOOM works in a live setting? Integrate it with VEEP while customizing it to fit your brand aesthetic; colors, logos and everything in-between!


So VEEP can be used in a plethora of ways, especially in corporate settings. And a company hub is perfect for your business. Unlimited ways of networking, private chats, 1-on-1 meetings (including video calls!) but also group ones. All under the lock and key of personalized accounts. 

Start thinking like you’re a VIP and work smarter, not harder. Let VEEP do the rest. 
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