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We are now live!

January 14 , 2021

We are now Live! VEEP, the Virtual Events Enterprise Platform is now on air and ready to rock and rumble.


We had already hinted at this launch in other posts on the Emotionstudios  blog  time and time again, and now it is here! And after almost a year in development, the project that the whole team has been working on is now fully launched and ready to be discovered.


Just like Lilifeed, VEEP is our baby, a project that is so much more personal and dear to us than usual. Every bit of it, from the design to the code to the multiple features, came from our (almost too) literal blood, sweat and tears. Working and reworking things, adding some, removing some, then adding it back again. So the usual.


VEEP, as the name says, is designed to fit all of the needs of a literal VIP at any kind of event, be it online, hybrid or (as soon as we can) in person. We got you covered: Ticketing solutions, custom Registration, Networking for users, top quality Video Streaming, Agenda for your event, Speakers content, deliver and analyze content with the help of AI Based Content, safe and compliant Payments or any other custom requirements that you might have.


Have any questions? Want to learn more about VEEP? Contact us and let’s talk!

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